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This Is a letter I received Via E-Mail Which I believe to Be Very Touching. It also Shows what Our Government thinks of our POW/MIAs and the men and women the fought and died to protect our freedom and the freedom of others


I went to the wall at 0100 in Wednesday, 29 July, 1998
and found myself to be the ONLY breathing soul there.
The vets that promised to maintain a night vigil when it
opened were all AWOL. The taxi driver who took me there,
stopped long enough for me to conduct a civil visit, and
was rewarded for his efforts with a $50 ticket for stopping
in a no standing zone. So much for the respect and serenity
I was hoping for, so now I get to voice how I feel regarding
what happened:

The Wall Revisited

Where have all the people gone
That used to stand at night
Who stood the watch upon The Wall
With those who fought the fight?

There used to be so many
I could see each way I'd face
But tonight The Wall was silent
As to memories I paced...

No vets, no tourists, no breathing
soul Was present in my haze
Just me and the driver who got
a ticket As I sobbed alone and traced.

Where are they now those brave young men
Who swore they'd stand so tall
That NEVER would a sobbing vet
Alone come face The Wall?

I'm glad I came alone this night
Because next week you see
I would have drug a friend along
Who's a lot worse off than me.

The Walking Dead are walking still
And will for years, I'm shown
Until they finally face THEIR wall
But they can't go alone.

So stand aware, you vets and friends
The lone wolf comes one night
To face HIS hell so I hope you're back
To stand his six in the fight.

29 July 1998
Bus Terminal, Washington, DC(all missing)




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