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This Is a letter I wrote to President Bill Clinton In the hope that I will receive some Information as to what our Government is doing to bring Our POW/MIA home. Letter wrote on 21 August 1998.

Subject: What is being Done To bring them Home?

Dear Sir,

what is being done to determine the fate of CAPT. Gerald Everett Olson USASF, who was last heard from about 10 miles from the border of Laos in Quang Nam Province. No remains were ever found although there was an intensive search of the area later on, and no one saw him fall. There is no evidence that he was killed and he is known to have been capable of surviving under harsh conditions. Please advise me of any action that is being taken by you or any other elected appointed official to determine his fate.
In the event there is nothing being done, please explain why not, and tell me how you personally plan to correct this and prevent it from ever happening again." Please advise as to what you are doing to bring him and the crew home. Haven't His Family suffered enough? And what of the rest of crew?




The Answer to my E-Mail!!!

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UPDATE! This Just In. Received Oct. 17, 1998

White House Responce Page 1
White House Responce Page 2

Thanks to Ron Fleischer.


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